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Greetings and Welcome to Eris Erotica's Main Page!

Thanks for visiting us!  My name is Joseph and we at Eris Erotica are starting a new way to sell sex products.  We're here to help.  This  is the page where you can stay updated on Member Services and special offers available only through Eris Erotica.

We are still building the website and readying the shop. We are also furthering our super secret plans to present you with our entire spectrum of offers as soon as possible. Our sacred mission is to brighten the days of the people of the world with our positive message of tolerance, quality products & services, and insightful humor. Please feel free! Buy products, browse the site, and observe the progress as it happens! We sincerely believe that a better sex life is the best way to promote happiness among people of all genders, faiths, fictions, and factions.

Please contact me at for any and all business concerns or post to the forum. forum access is currently unrestricted while we develop the site and Membership.

Membship is only currently available on personal referral and offers good discounts and opportunities to earn our "Seed Scrip" credits.  Membership also makes our promotional items available for purchase.  When fully functional the website will allow Members to post reviews of products that they have purchased, and Members will be the primary forum posters.  It's their playground and as long as the ground rules are respected all will go well!  All Member reviews and posts are for entertainment purposes only and do not represent opinions or advice of any kind.